We are Calgary's original and largest organized Pickleball club. We offer recreational and competitive pickleball play, instruction clinics and lessons. We host pickleball indoors, Oct-Apr and outdoors, May-Sept. 

The CPC Mission is: To promote and develop the sport of pickleball in Calgary for everyone. 

The Club Goals are: Social interaction, skill development, affordability, and the development of a dedicated pickleball facility. 


CPC has a volunteer Board of Directors of 10 people. An annual club membership for 2023 is $55 dollars which includes a $40 club fee, $10 for a Pickleball Canada membership, and $5 for a Pickleball Alberta membership, plus a small processing fee. Membership is open to anyone. Click here to "Join Us or Renew" 

Summer Outdoor Play

CPC has secured permits for outdoor play at various outdoor courts around Calgary for the 2023 summer session starting May 1st.

In order to pay for the permits, members who play at these facilities must pay a one-time fee of $35.00.

The link to register for the summer play pass is here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090c4fabac2ea7fe3-summer#/

In order to play skill-level sessions this summer, you will need to be added to the correct Sign Up Genius group. Send your name to CPCBOARDUNMONITORED@GMAIL.COM and indicate if you are using your DUPR or Pickleball Brackets rating and please state which groups you should be added to.

Note: open play does not require a DUPR or Pickleball Brackets rating.


New Outdoor Facility - Paperny Family JCC

Starting May 29th, the JCC will be opening up 4 OUTDOOR pickleball courts with up to 6 - 2 hour slots a day. They are just getting started so hope to get the word out for those interested. They will have lots of space and they have a great booking system.  Members are free and the public pays $5.00.



They will also be hosting an open house on June 11th from 10 am - 2 pm. They will provide beverages, snacks, swag, prizes, demonstrations and tips!


Please let them know if you can attend!

Alberta Pickleball Day

Calgary Pickleball Club will again be hosting events to celebrate Alberta Pickleball Day on Saturday, June 3rd from 9 am - 12 pm at North Glenmore Park and Brentwood. See you there!

CPC Pickleball

The Calgary Pickleball Club is renting court space at indoor facilities until May 1st and has obtained permits for outdoor play around Calgary after that date. Sessions are grouped according to skill levels, ranging from novice-beginner to advanced.  We offer mixed play for men and women and play for men and women separately. 

Find our weekly schedule by clicking here: "Locations"

We also hold monthly clinics and lessons for all skill levels, with certified CPC instructors. Sessions are posted on "Signup-Genius" (SUG) and CPC members can signup and pay for the sessions in advance.  

CPC Player Development Clinics and Lessons

Summer Camps

Calgary Pickleball Club is pleased to offer four-day summer camps this summer for players looking to improve their skills. 

June 12 - 15 Beginner Pickleball Camp led by Rande Mergerenn - aimed at those who are new to the game but have already played a little and/or attended an Introduction to Pickleball Clinic.


July 10 - 13 Novice Pickleball Camp led by Kevin Stanley - aimed at those who have played for a year and looking to improve their skills and consistency.

"My name is Kevin Stanley

I’ll be your primary Coach for the 4 day Novice Pickleball camp in July. My philosophy is that if you do the basics extraordinarily well you can play extraordinary pickleball.  

1. During the 4-day camp you will learn proper safety and etiquette for pickleball 

2. You will learn the proper grip, ready position as you move around the court and proper footwork. 

3. You will learn how to properly serve the ball and how and where return the serve. 

4. You will begin to learn how to move, communicate and work with your partner on court. 

5. You will learn the difference between shots from ready position and ground strokes. 

6. You will start to learn how to do a third shot drop and how to reset the play 

7. You will learn the basics of lobbing, returning lobs and the safety issues of lobbing. 

8. You will learn dinking and volleying. 

9. Blocking versus punching the ball. 

10. Above all, you’ll learn how much fun pickleball can be to play. You’ll make some friends and you’ll have a fantastic time.  

I look forward to seeing you there.  

Kevin Stanley

Level 2 IPTPA certified International Pickleball Coach" 


August 14 - 17 Intermediate Pickleball Camp led by Peter Llewellyn. This camp is aimed at those players with a DUPR rating 2.8+ looking to improve their overall game strategy and skills to continue to improve to a higher level of play and build on the skills from beginner and novice lessons.

We will cover:

1 - Dinking with purpose

2 - When to attack and when to defend

3 - Becoming consistent with all your skills using a series of drills

4 - Mastering Drop shots and resets

5 - Adding power to ground strokes

4 - Learning game strategy - working with your partner

5 - Exercises to speed up your hands

6 - How to beat the ‘bangers’

And much more - and most important have fun 

All clinics will be at Dalhousie 9:00 - 11:00 each day. Participants must sign up for all 4 days. Cost will be $120 per clinic


Learn to Play Clinics

If you are a new CPC member and new to pickleball, get a free introduction to the game with a certified CPC instructor. You will learn basic strokes, rules, scoring and strategy. This is designed for beginners.

There is room for 16 participants per clinic with a waitlist of 8 people. The clinics are free with your CPC membership. Members can only sign up for one clinic.

Beginner Lessons

If you are new to the game of pickleball, here is your chance to improve your skills. The lessons are designed to help CPC members who are new to the game.  This is for players who have taken a CPC introductory clinic, played a minimum of 10 games, and are familiar with the basic shot and strategy in pickleball. There are 4 lessons on May 3, 10, 24 and 31st with IPTPA Certified Coach Valerie Medvedic leading. The lessons will take place at the Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association, 5600 Centre St N, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm on each day. The cost is $100.00 for the four lessons. Participants must sign up for all four lessons. There is room for 16 players in each session with a wait list of 4. 


Intermediate Lessons

Calgary Pickleball Club's Player Development Committee is pleased to provide these training opportunities for INTERMEDIATE players who have been playing more than 2 yrs and/or have achieved a rating level of 2.5 to 3.0.

Each training series consists of 4 x 2-hour lessons led by an IPTPA Certified Coach Valerie Medvedic. The series of 4 lessons will cost $100, payable with registration. Please ensure that you can commit to all dates before signing up.


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