We are Calgary's original and largest organized Pickleball club. We offer recreational and competitive pickleball play, instruction clinics and lessons. We host pickleball indoors, Oct-Apr and outdoors, May-Sept. 

The CPC Mission is: To promote and develop the sport of pickleball in Calgary for everyone. 

The Club Goals are: Social interaction, skill development, affordability, and the development of a dedicated pickleball facility. 


CPC has a volunteer Board of Directors of 10 people. An annual club membership for 2024 is $68.46 dollars which includes a $40 club fee, $10 for a Pickleball Canada membership, $10 for a Pickleball Alberta Development Program fee, and $5 for a Pickleball Alberta membership, plus a small processing fee. Membership is open to anyone. Click here to "Join Us or Renew" 

CPC Pickleball

The Calgary Pickleball Club is renting court space at indoor facilities from October to May 1st and has obtained permits for outdoor play around Calgary after that date. Sessions are grouped according to skill levels, ranging from novice/beginner to advanced.  We offer mixed play for men and women and play for men and women separately. 

Find our weekly schedule by clicking here: "Schedule & Locations"

We also hold monthly clinics and lessons for all skill levels, with certified CPC instructors. Sessions are posted on "Signup-Genius" (SUG) and CPC members can signup and pay for the sessions in advance.  

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November DUPR Challenge - Women's Doubles

Saturday, November 18th, 2023

8:00am - 3:00pm

This tournament is being held by Calgary Pickleball Club and is open to any player with a current DUPR rating. (All clubs welcome.) 

Event registration will be based on current DUPR ratings. 

All games will be recorded on the DUPR App.

Registration: October 25th @ 8:00am --- November 14th @ Noon.

The tournament will provide skill based competition.

Register here: https://pickleballbrackets.com/ptd.aspx?eid=aa859351-1dde-4500-b8d2-bff990ed6fc1 

Level 1 December Beginners Pickleball Clinic

December 6, 13, 20, and 27 from 1-3 pm 

Lead Instructor Bill Lane (Level 2 IPTPA Instructor) 

Players must sign up for all 4 days. Cost $120 - 16 participants

Venue - Thorncliffe Greenview Community Centre

This course will cover

·      Paddle grip

·      Basic ball skills/hand-eye co-ordination

·      The ready position

·      Footwork and split step

·      Basic dink straight and cross court – forehand and backhand

·      Serving and returning

·      Ground strokes

·      The rules

·      Safety and etiquette

·      Basic playing strategy in doubles

·      Each session will include playing games

Participants should attend all 4 lessons - no refunds after course has started.

 For further information please contact Peter Llewellyn at peter@peterllewellyn.com

Level 3 December Intermediate Pickleball Clinic

December 6, 13, 20 and 27 from  3:00 - 5:00pm

Level 3 Intermediate – players should have achieved a minimum 3.0 DUPR rating

Venue: Thorncliffe Greenview Community Centre

Lead Instructor Peter Llewellyn (Level 2 IPTPA Instructor)

Players must sign up for all 4 days. Cost $120 - 16 participants

Players should sign up for all 4 lessons.

This course will cover:

·      A review of skills you should already have.

·      Dinking, further improving consistency accuracy and introducing more aggressive dink play when appropriate.

·      Improving serves and returns – introduction of more aggressive serves.

·      Volleying – speeding up the hands.

·      Overheads and smashes

·      Defensive and offensive lobs.

·      Drop shots –  improving accuracy and introducing cross-court third shot drops and re-sets.

·      Ground strokes – improving power and accuracy.

·      Advanced playing strategy in doubles.

·      Much use will be made of various drills working on improving each of the skills

·      Each session will end with playing games.

Participants should attend all 4 lessons - no refunds after the course has started

For further information please contact Peter Llewellyn at peter@peterllewellyn.com


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