CPC operates a pickleball program for CPC members at the West Hillhurst Community Centre (WHCA). The West Hillhurst program is full and is not accepting new players to their cohorts.

CPC is no longer organizing indoor pickleball play or arranging schedules at any other affiliated or private facilities due to COVID restrictions. Several CPC cohorts created in October are still playing at the Junior Varsity Centre (JVC) but CPC is no longer involved in managing those cohorts or scheduling play at JVC.

We are encouraging members to form their own cohorts and arrange their own private pickleball court times with individual venues. We have put together a list of locations which are offering pickleball to help you find places to play. Go to the Locations page for the list of venues and their websites to get more information. We encourage you to stay in your cohorts or create your own friend and family cohorts and directly book private court time at these venues. Existing CPC cohorts can also book additional time with members of their cohort.

Note: Each facility sets their own COVID guidelines and standards.

West Hillhurst cohorts have been designated and are FULL. Their schedule is below.

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Play Times Trial

Our Mission at CPC has always been to promote and develop the sport. Going forward, we are working to organize some “COVID-19 friendly” lessons and rating clinics. More info will follow when we have confirmed instructors, dates and venues. We remind everyone this pandemic is very real and to stay safe.