world class Pickleball facility needed in calgary

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As the fastest growing sport in North America, Calgary is hard pressed to keep up with the demand for court space, as well as future player development. As the largest club in Canada, with over 1000 members, Calgary needs a dedicated space to give members organized playing time, introduce new players to the sport, provide lessons and host tournaments.

It’s Time for the Calgary Pickleball Club to Get Serious About A Dedicated Facility

Our growing membership needs a place to play seven days a week, day and night. We need a space with room for enough courts to host drop-in play for all skill levels, leagues, sanctioned tournaments, lessons, and ratings clinics.

We are looking for an existing indoor facility in Calgary which can be customized for pickleball and we need your help. We want to connect with sponsors, corporate partners, philanthropists, foundations, investors and donors to help us raise enough funds to finance everything from leasing to renovations and operating costs.

Please contact us if you have suggestions,

contacts or interested sponsors to help move this initiative forward. We have attached a Case for Support document to summarize our needs and the potential returns for any investor or real estate partner.



To provide a pickleball environment in Calgary, where all players can play the game to the best of their ability through recreational and competitive organized play.


To increase the number of Calgarians involved in pickleball in order to maintain an active lifestyle, build healthy relationships, positive sportsman-like attitudes and reduce health risks.

We have attached our Business Plan for potential investors, donors, sponsors, partners, etc.


Perry Young - President, Calgary Pickleball Complex Foundation