The Calgary Pickleball Club is recognizing three CPC members for helping to save the life of a pickleball player during a CPC pickleball session in June of 2021. Lawrence Lees, Paul Babcock, and Helen Puls have been honoured by St. John Ambulance for their actions during the emergency.

On Friday, June 11, 2021, at the North Glenmore Park pickleball courts in Calgary, Glenn Woodford just finished a pickleball game, when he collapsed and stopped breathing. The CPC session host Helen Puls immediately phoned 911 for medical assistance and two other players, Lawrence Lees and Paul Babcock, who are retired firefighters, started administering CPR until paramedics arrived. During that time, Glenn was revived and stopped breathing, several times. Helen remained on the phone with 911, relaying vital information back and forth between the dispatcher and the rescuers. When Firefighters and EMS arrived, they took over the resuscitation efforts and Glenn was stabilized and transported to Foothills Hospital. Glenn has recovered and continues to play pickleball at North Glenmore Park.

Lawrence Lees and Paul Babcock were awarded the St. John Ambulance, Silver, National Life Saving Award. It recognizes individuals who have saved or attempted to save a life through the application of first aid knowledge and skills, where no risk to life exists to those individuals involved in the Life Saving act.

Helen Puls was awarded a St. John Ambulance (Alberta) Certificate of Commendation. This recognizes individuals who helped the casualty to a lesser degree, with or without the application of first aid.

Lawrence, Paul, and Helen were officially recognized on May 28th during the St. John Ambulance Award Ceremony at Government House in Edmonton. However, they received their awards and citation at a ceremony in Calgary on June 25th, surrounded by friends, family and of course, Glen Woodford.

Lawrence, Paul, Helen, Glenn, and their partners, have become good friends and socialize regularly. We’re told there has been a unique bonding with everyone involved in in this life-saving event.


Lawrence, Helen and Paul

Lawrence, Glenn, Paul and Helen

Lawrence, Glenn, Paul and Helen

June 13th, 2022 - CPC Teach the Teacher Workshop

Congratulations to all the CPC members who took part in the Teach the Teacher workshop on June 11th. IPTPA Master Teaching Professional Mike Cooper, lead the participants in a workshop to qualify for an IPTPA Level 1 Instructor. After they pass a written test, they are eligible to become IPTPA Level 1 instructors, who can lead CPC, Introduction to Pickleball clinics, and Novice pickleball lessons. Our thanks to Mike Cooper who spent several days in Calgary conducting skills and drills clinics for players and the teacher workshop.

June 11th, 2022 - Alberta Pickleball Day in Calgary

The Calgary Pickleball Club hosted Alberta Pickleball Day events on Saturday, June 11th. The public was invited to our outdoor courts to try, and learn, all about pickleball. Our main event was held at the North Glenmore Park courts in Southwest Calgary. Between 8 am and Noon, over 100 people, between the ages of 3 and 87, came out to play pickleball. Many were trying it for the first time. Thank you to our 40 CPC volunteers who were engaged with setting up the courts, greeting guests, ensuring everyone was fed + hydrated, managing waiting players, and teaching, mentoring and playing pickleball with our guests. Your passion for pickleball set such a happy tone for the day. CPC members also hosted Pickleball Day activities at the Brentwood courts in Northwest Calgary and Richmond Green, SW. Thank you to everyone who made this day possible.

Watch the story about the event from the CTV Calgary Evening News.

May 22, 2022

The Calgary Pickleball Club couldn’t operate without volunteers. The Board of Directors of the Calgary Pickleball Club would like to recognize and thank several very hardworking volunteers for their years of dedication.

Martin Waugh has been the lead administrator of the CPC “Sign-Up Genius” (SUG) software program. He has been responsible for formatting and creating the sign-up lists for all CPC play sessions, lessons, and clinics and the on-line payment system. He has also trained all the volunteers and coordinators who use the system. The past two years have been especially challenging, and Martin’s skill, troubleshooting and dependability has been invaluable. In addition to SUG, Martin has also been an instructor for club clinics and a mentor to new members and beginner players. Martin is now going to spend more time enjoying retirement, so on behalf of the membership of the Calgary Pickleball Club, thank you for all your time and effort. You will be missed.

In 2020, Gordon Campbell and Sharon Wilmott took over the responsibilities of venue manager and host coordinator for the CPC pickleball program at the Westhill Hurst Community Centre. They and their volunteer team organized over 20 hours of pickleball every week. 180 WHCA players have enjoyed a well organized and fun environment for many years. Add to that, the extra challenges dealing with COVID restrictions and CPC can’t thank you enough! Gordon and Sharon are stepping down and we wish them well.

The Board also wants to recognize Bob and Marianne Wingfield. After “retiring” as the WHCA coordinators in 2020, they both continued to help as advisors and mentors. They are now “officially” retiring, and the Board thanks you again for all your volunteer contributions.

Congratulations to the Calgary Pickleball Club members who competed in the USA Pickleball Mountain Diamond Regional Championship in Las Vegas, March 28th - April 3rd, 2022. There were 768 players entered in the tournament from the U.S. and Canada.

Kim Layton won gold in the women’s singles - 4.5, 35+.

Kim won gold in the women’s doubles – 5.0, 35+ with partner Sara McInnes from Ontario.

Kim also won gold with partner Haddow Thul in mixed doubles – 5.0, 19+.

Haddow won silver in men’s doubles - 5.0, 19+ with partner Brian Rim from Ontario.

Riley Layton (Kim’s son) won a silver in Men’s singles - 3.0 19+.

CPC also congratulates Tom and Lyanne Wong, Sue Stevenson Brown and Mel Louie for their results.

Lyanne and Sue placed 4th in ladies - 4.0, 60+.

Tom and Mel came 4th in men’s doubles - 4.0, 55+.

Mel and Sue placed 6th in mixed doubles - 4.0, 60+.

Annual General Meeting

The Calgary Pickleball Club held it’s Annual General Meeting on Sunday, January 16th. 115 CPC members joined the Zoom meeting.

During our last calendar year, May-Dec. 2021, our membership grew 53% from 992 members in May to 1515 members at the end of Dec. Thank you to the CPC members who dedicated over 3,000 volunteer hours to club events and activities. Attached are Director and Committee reports for May-Dec. 2021.

The 2022 CPC Budget was approved as submitted. 4 new members were elected to the CPC Board of Directors for a 2-year term - Sue Stevenson-Brown, Lyanne Wong, Lynn Lehr and Corey Aschenbrenner. They join the 3 Directors with 1 more year on their term – Sherry Richardson, Stephen Hansen, and Dennis Yasui. Leaving the Board are Directors, Tony Tighe, Paul Blaha, Pat Halls and Perry Young.

The new 2022 CPC Board of Directors held their first meeting after the AGM and Executive Positions were decided.

President – Sherry Richardson

Vice-President – Sue Stevenson-Brown

Treasurer – Lyanne Wong

Secretary – Lynn Lehr

Director – Stephen Hansen

Director – Dennis Yasui

Director – Corey Aschenbrenner