New DUPR rating qualifications for CPC skill Level signups

As of Thursday December 1st, new DUPR rating guidelines take effect for some CPC pickleball sessions.

In order to play in a 3.0+ and 3.5+ skill level session, you must have a DUPR rating equal to or greater than the level you are playing in, and have played at least 25 DUPR recorded games.

The CPC Board is delaying the use of DUPR as the “only” qualification for 4.0 and 4.5 level sessions until the new 2023 CPC Board of Directors reviews the issue.

Members who are signing up for 4.0 and 4.5 skill level sessions must have achieved one of the following ratings: A DUPR rating in the skill level; a tournament rating at the skill level; a UTPR rating at that skill level; a Pickleball Brackets rating at 4.0 or 4.5.

The CPC wants to clarify that it is not mandatory to record every game score in DUPR. It is still optional. However, CPC encourages members to use DUPR so all players can establish a consistent and current DUPR skill level rating. Recording scores for DUPR should be considered a normal or routine part of all CPC play.

"We know there are players who are still trying to establish their DUPR rating and need to record more DUPR games. If you are asked to play a DUPR game by another player, please be courteous and considerate and record the game. They can’t calculate a reliable DUPR rating, or bring it up, unless they record more games, especially with high rated players."

CPC will schedule more “DUPR Play” sessions for members to establish ratings. We also hope to schedule “DUPR Play” sessions for players who are not yet rated at 3.0 or above so they can play more games and move up in skill levels.

The Calgary Pickleball Club adopted the Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating system (DUPR) to allow all members to enjoy playing pickleball with partners and other players who have similar skills and experience. Registering with DUPR and recording game scores on a regular basis will allow all members to have a fair and accurate skill level rating.

DUPR Rating System to Become the Pickleball Standard

The Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating system (DUPR) is being adopted as the official and exclusive rating system for Pickleball.com, and all its subsidiaries - the PPA Tour, PickleballTournaments.com, and PickleballBrackets.com .

Pickleball.com will serve as the home for all DUPR events, including DUPR Waterfall Tournaments, Flex, and Team leagues. DUPR will remain the Official Pickleball Rating of the PPA Tour. This will remove the confusion and inconsistencies caused by having multiple rating systems.

The Calgary Pickleball Club adopted DUPR as it's internal skill level measurement system in May of 2022. The aim is to allow all members to enjoy playing pickleball with partners and other players who have similar skills and experience. Registering with DUPR and recording game scores on a regular basis will allow all members to have a fair and accurate skill level rating.

What is DUPR?

DUPR is the “Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating.” It is a very accurate and reliable skill level rating system. All players, regardless of their age, gender, location, or skill, are rated on the same scale, based on their game results. DUPR is free to register, and anyone can have a rating. You simply play a game, record the score and the names of the players, and DUPR starts calculating all your skill levels. “The more games you record in the DUPR system, the more accurate and more consistent your skill level rating.”

DUPR is an algorithm that uses a player’s last 60 (doubles) eligible games to calculate a skill level rating. The rating is based on several factors: How many points did you scored in a game? Did you win or lose? Was it a recreational game score, or a more competitive league or tournament score? The more DUPR game results you record, the more partners you play with, and the more opponents you play against, gives you a more reliable and accurate skill level rating. After playing for several months, you will see where your skill level “settles.” DUPR will begin rating players at the 2.0 level and up to 8.0.

Why CPC is using DUPR.

CPC adopted the DUPR system to use as an internal, club rating system rather than holding rating clinics. CPC is using DUPR to ensure players who sign up for selected playing sessions, can all play at the same skill level. For example: when CPC organizes signup sessions for players with 3.0+, 3.5+, 4.0+, skill levels, DUPR will allow us to ensure all players who sign up have the right DUPR rating for the playing session.

DUPR is especially useful for players new to the game and still learning. If you are a beginner, once you have developed the skills to reach the 2.0 level, DUPR will allow you to play with others at your skill level, so you aren’t intimidated or lose confidence. Then, by tracking or recording your game play in DUPR, you will know when you are ready to move up to a new skill level.

Recording a game score for DUPR isn’t meant to be a competition or intimidating. Recording scores for DUPR should become second nature “when-ever” you play pickleball – recreationally or competitively. The DUPR rating is calculated over time, after dozens of games. So, let’s register for DUPR, start playing more games and recording the scores in DUPR.

Here are links and videos to help you signup and get started.

Learn more about DUPR and download the App at: https://mydupr.com

"DUPR Getting Started" - illustrates what DUPR is, how to sign up, join a club, and input scores.


This video shows and explains the steps to sign up and join a club.


This video shows how to post a score to your DUPR profile:



If you have any questions or need help, contact: support@mydupr.com

The system promotes fair level-play. DUPR is created by Pickleball players, for Pickleball Players.

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